Classical Greece

Classical Greece

Discovery ancient Greece is goiyng back to the roots of Western civilization through the exceptional remains the antiquity has left us. Most of the monuments we are suggesting you to visit during this trip are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. Beyond the exceptional cultural and historic character of this journey, you have the opportunity to soak up landscapes of exceptional beauty and enjoy the unparalleled hospitality of the Greek people.

Suggested Program


01First day Arival
Arrival at Venizelos airport in Athens
Reception at the airport. Transfer to the hotel and walk in the picturesque Plaka area, at the foot of the Acropolis.

02 Second day   Athens
City tour of Athens through its Parliament guarded by its famous Evzones, its neoclassical monuments (the University, the Academy, the Library), the marble stadium where the first Olympic Games unfolded, the Temple of Zeus and the famous Hadrian’s Gate. You will visit the Acropolis * World Heritage by UNESCO, its monuments and its Parthenon at the summit, which are all evidence of the brilliant civilization of ancient Greece. You will also visit the amazing new Acropolis Museum, where you can admire the friezes of the Parthenon and the famous Kore.

03 Third day  Epidaurus – Mycenae – Nafplion
Departure for the Peloponnese, short stop at the Corinth Canal, made ​​in the nineteenth century by Ferdinand de Lesseps, and which separates the Peloponnese from the rest of
the Greek mainland. Crossing the Argos to Epidaurus theater *, without a doubt the most beautiful theater that antiquity has left us, a true masterpiece of sound. Departure for Mycenae, the ancient kingdom of Agamemnon surrounded by cyclopean walls. Visit the Acropolis with the door of the Lionesses and HearthgateTreasury or tomb of Agamemnon. You will spend the evening and night in the beautiful city of Nafplio.

04 Fourth day  Mystras – Olympia
Departure in the morning for the southern Peloponnese. Passage in Sparta, then visit Mystra * exceptional heritage site by UNESCO, whose history is linked to the passage of the cross and the Byzantine Empire. Departure for Olympia where you will spend the night.

05 Fifth day  Olympia – Delphi
Visit the site of Olympia * heritage listed by UNESCO. You will return to the sources of the Olympic spirit and values​​. You will find the workshop of Phidias, the Temple of Zeus, of Hera and the stadium. Visit the museum of Olympia with the famous Hermes of Praxiteles. Lunch.
Departure for Patras and go across the Gulf of Corinth by the Rion-Antirion: the longest suspension bridge in the world. Overnight in Delphi or nearby.

06 Sixth day  Delphi – Meteora
Visit the magnificent site of Delphi * heritage listed by UNESCO, the grandiose scenery dominated by Mount Parnassus and overlooking a forest of olive trees. Considered the
center of the world in ancient Greece, Delphi was a Panhellenic sanctuary where people came from around the world to seek advice from the oracle of Apollo. You will find the Sanctuary of Apollo, the Treasury of the Athenians, the theater. Visit the museum that houses the famous statue of the Charioteer, the Sphinx of Naxos and Omphalos “Navel of the World”. Depart for Kalambaka where you will stay at the foot of Meteora.

07 Seventh day  Meteora – Athens
* Discovery of Meteora, listed as World Heritage, a true surrealist decor where Byzantine monasteries stand perched on rocky peaks sites: visit Varlaám and AgiosStefanos, or the
Great Meteor. In the afternoon, return to Athens via Thermopylae where Leonidas and his 300 Spartans fought the Persians. You will spend your last night in Athens.

08 Eighth day  Athens – Transfer to Athens airport
Enjoy the last moments in the Greek capital before leaving for the airport. Extend your stay according to your wishes


* Listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO

Extend your stay according to your wishes, seize the chance to visit one or more of the 2000
Greek Islands.

Additional Info

– The program can be converted and extended as needed