Mount Olympus | 3 Days

Mount Olympus | 3 Days

Mount Olympus for mountain lovers.
Four Days in the mountains.climbing five peaks of Mount Olympus


The massif that dominates the Mount Olympus, the highest point of Greece with its 2917 m, rises steeply from a narrow coastal plain bordering the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, between Thessaly and Macedonia. Mount Olympus is actually a massif that consists of eight peaks: the Mitikas, the Stefani,the Skala, the Skoliô, the Agios Andonios, the Profitis Ilias, Tumba and Zonaria, which form a sort of U around the beautiful gorges of the Mavrôlongos. It is in this eagle nest that the Greek gods of antiquity had taken up residence. This is where Zeus and his cronies decided the fate of mortals, between two feasts inspired by the song of the Muses. A divine place which remained out of sight of mortals until 1913, when the first ascent was registered. Mount Olympus is one of the richest areas of rare flora and fauna in Europe.It is a protected National Park which is included in the Natura 2000 network and the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. The high concentration of rare plants and animals makes this region an ark of biodiversity and conservation of wildlife, for the enjoyment of visitors. Many walks on the slopes of the mountain are accessible to all,but the climb to the summit requires a fit walker. It can be dangerous and should be avoided by solitary hikers and should not be climbed outside the period from June to September.


Climbing five peaks of Mount Olympus
Suggested Program

01First day
Arrival at the airport Makedonia of Thessaloniki and departure for Litochoro, a village at the foot of Mount Olympus.On the way to, and if the time of arrival of the aircraft allows so (otherwise onthe way back from Mount Olympus), we will pay a visit to the archaeological site of Dion, place of worship of Olympian Zeus in antiquity. Dion was mainly developed from the fifth century BC, when Macedonia was an important religious center in the Greek world at the time. The city of Dion grew in the fourth century BC and left us very interesting remains. We will also visit the archaeological museum which gathers the objects found on the site. You can admire among other things, a hydraulic organ.Installation at the hotel.

02Second day
Departure for the mountain. We will take the path E4 from the large village of Litohoro, 200 meters, through the gorges of Mavrolongos, which rises and then branches out to each of the summits.The most popular trail is a walk of three hours between Litohoro and Agiou Dionissiou cave (it is possible to go up Prionia by car). The trail follows the river gorge Enipeas flanked by vertical walls. We will arrive in Prionia at 1000 m altitude, where we can admire a beautiful waterfall. We will continue the climb to the shelter Spilios Agapitos under the impressive peaks of Mount Olympus, where we will spend the night.

03Third day.
Departure for the Muses plateau where we will enjoy a beautiful view. Walks on the peaks surrounding the plateau. Profitis Ilias to 2803 meters, Toumba to 2801 meters
and Stefani, known as the throne of Zeus, at 2909 meters. We will spend the night in one of the two shelters of the Muses plateau.


04Fourth day.
Morning departure to enjoy the sunrise. Ascent to the highest peak of Mount Olympus, Mytika to 2917 meters, down a path that will allow us to reach the summit at 2904 meters Skolio will offer us another breathtaking view. Back to the shelter.

05Fifth day.
Descent of the mountain by the path Pestrougas (other one from the climb) up Gkortsia where we will expect a transfer which brings us to Thessaloniki.
Installation at the hotel and discovery of the city.

06Sixth day
Enjoy the last moments of your stay as you stroll along the waterfront, or as you walk through the commercial heart of the city, or enjoy your coffee at
Aristotelous Square. Departure for Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport.

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