Mykonos, South Coast Cruise Tour

Mykonos, South Coast Cruise Tour

Mykonos, South Coast Cruise Tour

Location: Mykonos, Aegean Sea, Greece

Mykonos island is part of the Cyclades group of islands and lies among Tinos, Syros, Naxos and Paros. Its landscape is no different than the rest of the Cyclades with hilly, almost treeless landscape where only few bushes and trees grow. Next to Mykonos is Delos, a landmark of ancient Greek history and one of the most important archaeological sites of the country. Among the top destinations in Greece, Mykonos is a truly cosmopolitan place and a meeting point for many cultures. The island gained world reputation throughout the 1960s as a summer resort for the artists and the wealthy.

Mykonos, the dream of every cosmopolitan vacationer, is still a typical Cycladic island with sugar-cube houses, traditional windmills, picturesque churches and paved alleys. Every summer, this island draws world wide attention for its party atmosphere and the crazy rhythms. In the daytime, people go to the beaches and combine swimming in exotic waters with dancing in the beach bars. In the evening, Mykonos Town gets lively with the cozy bars in Little Venice and the vivid clubs scattered in the paved quarters. Apart from clubbing, in Mykonos, do not miss a swim to the superb beaches of Super Paradise, Paradise, Platis Gialos and Elia. Also see the sunset from the windmills on the hilltop above the town or from Little Venice. These will be memories of a lifetime. The natural beauty and beautifully preserved architecture of Mykonos has inspired various artists, from cinematographers and painters to the music band Fleet Foxes who wrote a beautiful song called Mykonos. Many movies have also been set in Mykonos, including the famous Shirley Valentine (1987). Although a part of the island, particularly Mykonos Town and the southern beaches, gets crowded in high season, the rest of the island remains secluded. A drive around this secluded part of Mykonos will get you to private coves for swimming, interesting monasteries and fabulous spots with sea view.

Program:   Mykonos, South Coast Cruise Tour

       A fully-Day-trip with a traditional boat at the southern coast of Mykonos. Relax enjoy the sun, watch the crystal clear seawater and see quiet beaches. Meeting point is Ornos beach.
We get on board the traditional boat which takes us along the south coast towards the East. If the wind is strong south, then we are going towards the north coast we head for the uninhabited island of Dragonissi, well known for its beautiful coastline and caves. Weather permitted we go into the caves with a dinghy. We return to the coast of Mykonos and stop at the deserted beach of Frangias. Here we have enough time for swimming and snorkeling and we offer ouzo, wine, juices and water together with a lunch (bread, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, tztaziki, dolmadakia, giant beans, meatballs).

After lunch there is enough time to spend on the beach.
The boat leaves for the next beach of Paradise. Here we have time for a coffee break another swim there is also a water sports point.
Then we head back towards Ornos beach in the evening sun after a day full of activities and beautiful impressions.
Additional information

  • Day: Monday – Wednesday – Saturday
  • Language:English – German – French – Italian
  • Duration: 10:00-18:00
  • Prices: Adults 64.00 Euro, Child 35.00 Euro
  • Meeting point & Time: Ornos beach / Bus station at 09:30
  • Minimum participation: 15 persons