Santorini, Beach Exploration Tour

Santorini, Beach Exploration Tour

Santorini, Beach Exploration Tour

Location: Santorini, Aegean Sea, Greece

Santorini is the jewel in the crown of all the Greek Islands, and undisputedly one of the most beautiful spots in the world. It is always coming up on lists of places one must visit, and it never disappoints. It’s amazing scenery brings thousands to its shores every year, so powerful is the draw of this ancient volcano that sits at the bottom of the Cyclades Islands. It is said that the sunsets in Santorini rank among the ten best in the world. Sow it comes as no surprise that Santorini is a major tourist attraction among the numerous islands that comprise Greece.

From the Caldera, breathtaking views of the volcano & neighboring islands. From east, miles of dark sandy or pebbled beaches. Everywhere one sees small domed churches and remnants of days gone by. Santorini is the most extraordinary island in the Aegean. You sail into a strange, enclosed sea shut off by the Burnt Islands (PALIA KAMENI & NEA KAMENI).

The volcanic cliffs of Santorini are red, brown or greenish, surounted by a string of white villages. Jutting out from the deep blue sea, its volcanic sheer cliffs topped with gleaming white village homes and churches, resembling snowcapped mountains. The thunderous fury of nature left its mark on the island, the home of Greece’s last active volcano that still smolders today. Layer upon layer of red volcanic rock interspersed with white buildings and specks of greenery form a visual demonstration found nowhere else.

The entire center of the circular island sank into the sea during the tremendous volcanic explosion of 3.500 years ago. The eruption caused tidal waves, which virtually wiped out the advanced Minoan civilization of Crete, 70 miles to the south.

What remains today of Santorini is a large crescent shaped island enclosing a west bay, the largest Caldera on earth (7×14) miles. Santorini which covers 132 square kilometers and is located 127 nautical miles from the port in Piraeus, has 13 villages. The island has a big airport along with a large commercial port.

Program:   Santorini, Beach Exploration Tour

       Swim at the most beautiful beaches. The bus takes us to Athinios port where we board on our boat Manolios. Our first stop will be the Aspronisi Island a small island near the volcano where we stay approximately for 1 hour and 30 minutes for a swim and then have a light picnic. Our next stop will be the white beach, the boat will anchor 60 meters from the shore where we swim in crystal clear waters for about 30 minutes. Our final destination is the Red beach, where we drop anchor 60 meters from the shore and stay for swimming around 30 minutes, this beach is famous for the sharp red cliffs and the fine reddish pebbles. Our cruise will end sailing close to the volcanic rocks where you can take nice photos and then in Athinios port where we get on the buses for the return.


Additional information

  • Visit: White beach – Red beach & Aspronisi island
  • Day: Daily (Starting Date : 10/6)
  • Language:English
  • Duration: Approximately 12:00-17:30
  • Prices: 35.00 Euro per person
  • Meeting point & Time: Kamari 12.15 , Karterados 12.20 , Fira 12.30, Perissa 12.30
  • Should take Comfortable shoes, hat, sun cream, swimming suit and camera.