Thessaloniki – a culinary experience

Thessaloniki – a culinary experience

Thessaloniki City Breaks, Inreachet with Culinary Experiences

Thessaloniki is a young and modern city where life never stops. A city where it is nice to walk in the busy shopping streets or to enjoy the waterfront and its open horizons that stop at the foot of Mount Olympus. Visiting Thessaloniki is discovering a long history of more than two thousand years and making a trip to the Eastern Roman Empire, the Byzantine empire and the Ottoman empire, but also understanding the contemporary Balkans and Greece .Discovering Thessaloniki is discovering a unique culture of its own, the result of all the centuries it has been through, and all the people who have inhabited in. More over Thessaloniki has its own taste, enriched by all the centuries that have past and all of the different peoples that have inhabited here. Greek food is well known and appreciated all over, when the Greeks think of food thou there mind goes to Thessaloniki. Witch has been established as the culinary capital of Greece. A few words about the culinary traditions of Thessaloniki. Eating out in Greece is a national pastime and a leisure pleasure. Whether dining at a local tavern or an elegant restaurant, Greeks take their time over food. The native cuisine is delightfully uncomplicated, much of the cooking relies on simple seasoning and fresh materials. Small family run taverns and basement pastry shops, offer a delicious variety of famous Macedonian specialty’s: “Tripe” (served with various sauces), “peinirli” (seasoned bread topped and baked with cheese, bacon ham etc.), seafood (try fried mussels or mussels cooked with rice), grilled meat and soutzoukakia (spicy meat balls with garlic fried and cooked in tomato sauce). All over the city we can find taverns and restaurants, or even small bakeries which can offer us there exceptional specialty which can excite our senses. The sweet delicacies from Thessaloniki are even more famous than its food specialties, to name some of them: the “Trigona Panoramatos”, the “Sousamenio koulouri Thessalonikis”, and the various “Bougatsa Pies” are known all over Greece. Ouzeries, which can also be found all over, are places which specialize in ouzo and the “mezedes” that go with them. Organize your stay (4, 5, 6 or more days) according to your needs and tastes. 

Suggested Program


01First day.  Arrival at Thessaloniki
Arrival at Makedonia Airport of Thessaloniki and transfer to the hotel. A first walk through the city will allow you to familiarize yourself with the city and enjoy the waterfront. After your first walk through the city, you may sit down and enjoy a taste full meal in one of the city’s numerous restaurants. Overnight.
02Second day.  Thessaloniki City Tour – Fish Dishes
City Tour. We will visit the White Tower, symbol of the city, where you will be able to see the history of Thessaloniki. We will go up to the top of the city, of amazing historic and architectural interest along the ramparts dating back to the birth of the city in 315 BC. From the acropolis of the city, Eptapyrgion, we will enjoy a panoramic view of the city, the harbor and the Thermaïc Gulf. We will then visit the church of Saint Dimitrios, patron saint of the city (IV century). This church, originally built on the site of the martyrdom, became during the VII th century a basilica with five naves of the Hellenistic type. We will visit the crypt of the church and discover the remains of an early Christian church. We will discover the ancient agora dated to the founding of the city (III century BC). It was the social, religious and commercial center until the fourth century of our era. In order to end our first tour through the city, we will find a traditional restaurant inside the oldest markets of the city. We will taste exceptional Tsipouro or Ouzo, accompanied of course with unique little dishes (Greek mezedes).

Somewhere along the way of our city tours, we will seize the opportunity to taste some of the city’s flavors. Such us Koulouri and Bougatsa.

Free time, and late in the evening we could go and taste unique fish dishes, accompanied by exceptional local wines, in one of the many high quality restaurants.  Overnight.
03Third day.  Thessaloniki City Tour – Gerovasiliou Winery – Meet Dishes
City Tour. We continue our city tour by visiting the old markets of the city, field with aromas and colors and booming with life. We start from Ladadika and go through Valaoritou, Kapani, Modianou, Aristotelous, and Athonos. We will pas by the church Agia Sofia, and we will walk along the remains of the palace complex of the Roman Emperor Galerius (III and IV century AD) covering an area of ​150,000 square meters. We will find the Triumph Arch of Galerius (305 AD) built to celebrate the victory of Emperor Galerius over the Persians. The Rotonda, one of the oldest buildings of the city, was also part of the complex. Built in Roman times, it was a church in the Christian era and a mosque during the Ottoman era.

In the afternoon we will visit the winery of Gerovasiliou. Gerovassiliou is an independent , privately owned vineyard , of 560 acres. In the winery , built in the site of the vineyard, are produced the award-winning wines Gerovassiliou. The Wine Museum Gerovassiliou in the heart of the winery domain beside the aging cellar and tasting room , consists of two major collections: the collection of corkscrews (one of the largest in the world) , bottles, vases and objects of ancient Greek symposium and the toolkit viticulture , winemaking , cooperage and bottling . Late in the evening we could go and taste unique meet dishes, accompanied by exceptional local wines, in one of the many high quality restaurants.  Overnight.
04Fourth day.  Thessaloniki coffee and sweets – Departure
Enjoying these last moments in Thessaloniki, we propose you take your time to enjoy a really long coffee in one of numerous cafes of the city. And as a parallelism to a four course meal we propose to end your four day trip with a taste of the city’s sweets. Traditional and exceptional sweets of the city are: Thessaloniki’s triangles field with cream, siropiasta, tsoureki, and many more. All of which will be great with a coffee, and will make a great epilogue to your trip. Transfer from your hotel to the airport.


Additional Info

– The program can be converted and extended as needed.
– Special rates for groups